Whittle Exhibition

The museum holds a very large original collection of memorabilia from the early days of Jet Engine development.

The roundabout monument dedicated to Sir Frank.

For more information please contact us on 01455 555585 during our opening hours.


  1. I hope you can help.
    I remember a movie dramatising the developement of Sir Frank Whittle’s turbine. A You tube search for “The Wonder Jet” finds a Documentary that uses scenes from this movie. Do you know the name of said movie? I assume it was made during, or shortly after, WW II.
    Thanking you in advance,
    Ralph Fisher,
    Melbourne, Australia.
    rthefish (at) hotmail (dot) com

    1. Hi
      The film from which ‘The Wonder Jet’ was taken from was a film made by Power Jets showing the development of the Jet Engine.
      There is a DVD available called Whittle that shows more of the footage. I have a copy of the original film.
      Geoff Smith
      Lutterworth Museum.

    2. Hi Ralph
      Yes I know of the wonder jet. If you go and put it into google you can watch it on your pc.

  2. The only military jet I’ve flown in (as an observer) was the “Meteor” while stationed at Watton just after WW11. Quite an experience after lumbering around in B24’s for a couple of years! Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of that flight – ah well!

      1. The number on a photograph I have starts with W404 (1?) and the caption reads “The prototype Gloster Whittle which first flew on May 15th 1941 It is a great pity that the 1/2 size model on the roundabout does not have an RAF roundel on the side. Are we so ashamed of our heritage and country and the pilots who flew them??. Shame and shame and shame on Lutterworth!!!

      2. Hi Brian
        Yes the E28/39 was number W4041. A full size model is on an Island in Lutterworth and one at Farnborough. The original is in the Sceience Museum, London

      3. I am pleased that the Lutterworth “Whittle Jet” is full size – I had always thought it to be halfsizee.
        But it still begs the question why we are apparently not proud enough to put the RAF roundels on the sides. there is probably some pedanticc reason which would not be understood by the thousands of drivers who pass it by and I feel that this must be overcome in the need to be proud oft Whittle’s and Britain’s achievements otherwise the model is “just a model” and have no significance at all. Be proud and patriotic and show the flag, and to Hell with the pedantic point of view that this is a” true replica “.. It is” just any plane” to the majority of passers-by who have no appreciation of its magnificent BRITISH historical background…

      4. Hi Brian
        The aircraft should have been in camo with roundels but the person in our group who was ordering the paint decided on his own that it would look better in silver ….
        After the paint arrived he told the committee who then decided not to change it much to my disagreence. I agree it is a shame that we misse out.

      5. I understand that it is possibly too expensive now to paint the plane in full comoufkage bu two roundels would be no great expence, surely? What will it cost, and are you looking for donations to help in covering the cost ?

      6. Hih
        I am in agreement. When we built the replica it was planned to be in camo. The person who ordered the paint decided that he wanted it silver. I was disgusted as the silver E28/39 had the engine built in Whtstone and it crashed. The camo E28/39 had an engine built in Lutterworth. I have asked the RAF if the cadets could paint it as a project so we will have to see what happens. Geoff Smith

  3. Hi, can you tell me whether you have any of his flight log books – I’m looking for original materials for a dissertation which includes his work.

    1. Ai Alan
      We do not have any. I believe that his son Ian may have them
      Geoff Smith
      Lutterworth Museum

    2. Alan
      We have the original 1936 Patent for the By-Pass engine and the Govenment spec and first order for the E28/39 nad the Meteor + much more

  4. I’m visiting the UK for the next 10 days and have tried calling the muesum to ask some questions about the Whittle exhibits but have not got through. Could you send me an email with email contact information so I can ask my questions before I make the trip to the museum?

    1. Hi John
      I am sorry you have not been able to get through. Please contact me on 07906 303643
      Regards Geoff Smith.

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