1. Looks fascinating, certainly hope to vist when we come to the UK in the next two years. My GGG grandfather emmigrated from lutterworth to Port Chalmers in the Otago colony New Zealand in 1863 so will be fascinated to see where he came from.

    1. Hi Malcom We are looking forward to your visit and hope we can find some interesting information for you
      Geoff Smith
      Museum Curator

  2. Dear Curator,
    My grandparents, Lucas E. Rumsey and Florence M (Thorogood) Rumsey lived in Lutterworth before I was born in 1938. I lived with them in Aylestone not long after they moved from Lutterworth to Aylestone. Sometimes I am in Leicestershire, and I’d like to know where in Lutterworth they were so that I can imagine them there.
    I remember Lutterworth quite well because I did my first teaching practice at the Lutterworth Primary School (the classroom was in the church-hall, I think….in ‘those days’…..1957).
    I would be so pleased if you could direct me to some help.
    Sincerely, Sheila M. Rumsey Hoadley

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